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About Us

Tandem Gear Mission

At Tandem, our mission is to strive continually to offer you the most unique items of the highest quality in order to help provide a means of enjoyment, enrichment, and expression to the lives of our customers but without the exorbitant markups customary at other specialty retailers and online suppliers. 


We see our products as “Gear for Life!” because we believe they have the potential to say something about us – what we enjoy, what we want, even something about who we are.  Whether you identify as GLBTQ, Leather, BDSM, kink, rave, goth, steampunk, or another part of our rich and diverse community, we offer hundreds of products to meet your needs and to help you express something about yourself or just have fun.


However, we also know it is not just about quantity but quality and to make sure we accomplish our mission we only carry products that we can stand behind.  This is why we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.  We can do this because we have carefully selected our products from among the best crafts-folk available to bring you what we consider to be the finest selection of fetish clothing and gear for men and women. 


Living in the Pacific Northwest, we believe (in our unbiased opinion of course) that we have some of the finest makers of fetish clothing and gear in the world.  Whether it is a flogger from BARE Leatherworks, a puppy hood from Axovus, a whip from Highlander or one of the many devious devices from Scott Paul Designs, we are proud to feature items hand crafted from members of our local community and made with unrivaled craftsmanship


Next, we feature products that are proudly “MADE IN THE USA” and we just as proudly clearly label these items. At Tandem, you will find such famous made in the USA brands as Ajaxx63, Hilary’s Vanity, S.M. Hurtz, Leather Masters, just to name a few.


We also carry clothing, gifts, and other items from many of the top name brands in their fields – Inseam, Tripp NYC, Andrew Christian, Timoteo, and Jack Adams just to name a few. 


Maybe you want to know what it is all about or brush up on your rope bondage skills?  Don’t forget to also check out our large selection of fetish books from Cleis Press and Greenery Publishing - two of the largest publishers of books specifically printed for the kink community.


If you like things a little more on the mild side, we got you covered as well.  We offer a wide selection of the finest men’s and women’s underwear from around the world.  We also stock a large selection of Pride items for the GLBTQ, Bear, Transgender, and Bisexual communities. 


We never stop searching for the most unique items of the highest quality so if you don’t see something you want, contact us and we will do our best to find it.  Also, if you make a product you think may meet our high standards and appeal to our customers, contact us as well.  We would love to talk to you about carrying your wares.

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